Radio interviews

3/10/2011: Interview of plaintiff Vincent Gillespie and attorney Bill Newman by Pioneer Valley radio personality Monte Belmonte.  (The most pertinent discussions run from 13:45 through 32:00.)

Interview on WHMP on 7/18/2011.  Plaintiff Vincent Gillespie, attorney Bill Newman and radio talk show personality Monte Belmonte discuss the Parking Ticket Case.  Topics include a discussion of some of the major flaws in the SJC’s 7/14/11 decision in this case, some of the dangerous implications of the legal precedent set by that case for other areas of law besides parking ticket appeals, Vincent’s new article which criticizes the decision (which has since been revised again on 6/1/14), efforts to get a bill passed in the Mass. State legislature, and a call for citizens to help by calling, emailing or meeting with legislators.  (The main discussion on this topic starts at 4:30.)

Vincent Gillespie was interviewed by Bill Newman and Monte Belmonte on WHMP on 7/14/14 Vincent Gillespie urges listeners to contact their state legislators to help get H1590 passed. He also discusses his case and why the law relating to parking ticket appeals in Massachusetts needs to be changed. He also discusses serious problems in the SJC’s 7/14/11 decision in his case.  The pertinent discussion starts at 2:17.


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