Update for 11-19-15

Update for 11/19/15:  On 11/18/15 three people testified before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary in the State House in Boston in support of H1576, a bill that would change the law relating to parking ticket appeals.  (Currently in Massachusetts the law requires that if someone wants to contest a parking ticket in court they must first pay a non-refundable filing fee of $275H1576 would fix that problem.  For more information about this see the update for 9/6/15, below.)  The three people who testified were:

  • Vincent Gillespie (he is the author of this website and the Plaintiff in the lawsuit that started this initiative).
  • Andrew Pesek of Cambridge, who spoke on behalf of the National Motorist’s Association.  He read a statement that was prepared for him in part by Gary Biller, President of the National Motorist’s Association.
  • Richard Fries, the Executive Director of MassBike, an organization which advocates for the interests of bicyclists in Massachusetts.  (The current version of H1576 includes provisions to greatly improve the process for bicyclists who want to contest citations they received for traffic violations.)

The testimony seemed to go smoothly and well.  Hopefully, the Joint Committee on the Judiciary will report the bill favorably out of that committee so that it can move on to the next step in the process of getting passed.

For more information about these issues see the update for 9/6/15, just below.

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2 Responses to Update for 11-19-15

  1. Was this bill ever passed ? Is there another update since 9-6-15 ?

  2. Genghis Khan says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for your inquiry. The 2015-2016 legislative session is over. A new one will be starting soon. I think the bill will be resubmitted and I can try again then. It takes a fair amount of time and I am basically working on this alone (but the ACLU is helping) and I don’t have that much time to work on this. I plan to continue fighting, though. Eventually it may get passed. (A better way to contact me is at this email address: explodingbee@gmail.com.)

    Best Regards,

    Vincent Gillespie

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